Bringing Order to the Most Chaotic and Complex Financial Situations

Our innovative approach to financial management begins with financial planning and investment management, but goes much further to enable you to achieve confidence and clarity about every aspect of your financial life.

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  1. We bring you a sophisticated approach to wealth management using our proprietary LIFT Framework, which buttons up every aspect of your Legal, Investing, Financial, and Tax picture.
  2. We’re independent and nimble allowing us to put your interests first and bring innovative financial solutions to every financial aspect of your life.
  3. We automate your budget and your investments thereby giving you the confidence that you’re on track for retirement, college funding, or just that next budget-busting large bill.
  4. We protect your wealth through a combination of investment, legal, and financial strategies that you won’t find at the big investment houses.
  5. We fulfill all your private wealth needs through a carefully chosen expert team and an unsurpassed professional network.


We Work Seamlessly Together to Protect and Grow Your Wealth


Ian A. Hamre, CFAManaging Partner, Private Wealth Advisor

Leads portfolio management, trading, advanced wealth strategies and client engagement

  • Previously a Commercial Loan Officer at Carter Bank & Trust
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • B.S. in Finance with a minor in International Business from Virginia Tech


Bruce H. Harrison, CFP®Senior Partner, Founder

Responsible for firm initiatives, new wealth strategies, and relationships with local attorneys, CPAs and subject matter experts

  • Previously worked as:
    • Wealth Management Advisor at Merrill Lynch
    • Strategic Planning at BNY Mellon
    • Bank Vice President, Trust Officer and Wealth Manager at Wachovia and SunTrust


Tyler Hillyer, CFP®Associate Financial Planner

Provides analytical support and financial planning assistance to firm partners and clients.

  • Previously an analyst at Ridgetop Research, Charlotte, NC
  • MSU Men's Golf Team Captain
  • B.B.A. in Finance from Morehead State University


Lisa A. DellingerClient Service Manager, Operations Manager

Primarily in charge of client services and firm operations.

  • Previously worked with HCO’s founding partner for over 18 years
  • Over 23 years’ experience in the investment advisory industry
  • Bachelors from Radford University

HCO partners include Pershing BNY Mellon

Backed by institutional -level Systems

  • HCO’s investments are hosted and serviced by Pershing LLC., part of BNY Mellon’s global platform and the oldest private bank in the U.S.
  • Advanced technology and trading systems give our clients important advantages in the capital markets.

A Leading Network of Partners and Experts

We have a strong network of best-of-breed partners. Unlike larger firms, we are not committed to leveraging in-house talent. HCO is independent and free to source leading subject-matter experts from across the country to help you achieve your goals.

An expert team of:

  • Portfolio strategists
  • Tax experts
  • Business attorneys
  • Estate planning attorneys
  • Private banking experts

Maintaining a professional network of:

  • Medical practice managers
  • Commercial bankers
  • Insurance agents
  • Tax credit advisors
  • Real estate agents
  • Corporate trustees

Investment Platform

Our wealth management platform enables global access and unmatched private banking capabilities.

Based on over 20 years of research

that incorporates both active and passive investment strategies to maximize returns and minimize costs.

Your net worth and investments in one simple view

thanks to our sophisticated client portal which aggregates all your bank and investment accounts in one place, no matter where they’re housed.

Hosted on a leading global investment platform

used by high-net-worth families, institutional investors, and sovereign wealth funds.

Constantly managed for risk

through sophisticated A/I driven systems that monitor your portfolio risk in near real time to avoid surprises.

Through our proprietary investment platform, we build portfolios that:

  • Are built to generate the kind of investment growth and income you need to achieve your financial goals
  • Are professionally managed by investment fiduciaries using sophisticated investment systems
  • Are tax and cost efficient so you can keep more of what you make

Case Studies

Note: These case studies are based on actual client situations and are for educational purposes only.
Please visit our disclosure page for additional information.

#1 Pay Less Taxes

HCO helped Bob & Sarah save thousands of dollars in future taxes. They now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a clear tax planning strategy and know HCO will ensure they are not paying more than they should.

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#2 Retire 5 Years Early

HCO Private Wealth reviewed Bill and Emily’s retirement plan to develop recommended options that will allow Bill to fully retire at age 60.

Read More

#3 Creating Financial Security

HCO Private Wealth engaged with Barbara and after extensive due diligence, provided her with a comprehensive overview of where all the accounts were held, titled, and invested.

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#4 Business Owner in Transition

HCO Private Wealth engaged with Jerry and Millie to help create a transition path and get the business ready for sale.

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Our full-service model is centered on protecting wealth and family legacies

Advanced tax strategies

Proactive tax planning and income sheltering to reduce tax burdens

Asset protection

Utilizing a combination of strategies to reduce exposure to financial attacks and catastrophes

Family protection

Engaging our network and experts to protect your family from unforeseen events that may impact wealth

Estate planning & administration

Ensuring your financial legacy is perpetuated across generations


HCO Smart Index

Sector Advantage Strategy

A multi-cap sector driven strategy that closely tracks S&P 500.

For investors seeking performance that closely tracks the market while potentially offering tax advantages.

HCO Quantum

Nova Stock Strategy

Growth-oriented, trend-following approach built for higher returns.

Highly active strategy most appropriate for investors with a high risk tolerance.

HCO Quantum

Dividend Stock Strategy

A blue chip portfolio with high dividends.

For investors seeking capital preservation and protection, especially in the event of a downturn.

HCO Private Wealth

Bond Ladders

Our ability to control maturity and credit quality far surpasses mutual and index funds.

HCO Private Wealth

Alternative Strategies

Real Estate, Gold, Hedge Funds and more. Our investment platform is unsurpassed.

2nd Opinion Service

Our 2nd Opinion Service was designed with simplicity in mind. Two short online forms are supplemented with a personal interview to give us sufficient information to provide you with a high-level review of your current situation. To get started please follow the steps below, which should only take about 20 minutes:

  1. Complete a short online financial profile and tell us what you want to accomplish.

  2. Answer a short quiz about investment risk.

  3. Schedule an introductory call to review your results and discuss next steps. Call Ian Hamre at (540) 204-9310 or use this link to schedule an online meeting.